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Stonington Artifacts with Evelynn Lyons

The Stonington Historical Society presents: Touch the Artifacts, Please! Thursday, September 22nd at 6 pm La Grua Center 32 Water Street Stonington Stimulate your curiosity with this “hands on” approach to artifacts that help define early local history and the mission of the Stonington Historical Society. Typically reserved for children’s programs, the education collection of the Stonington Historical Society will be a hands on exhibit at the La Grua Center on Thursday, September 22 at 6 pm. Included is an ancient Indian axe, a vintage lacrosse stick, a surveyor’s walking stick, a courting candle,a hog scrapper, household utensils, and dozens of other objects will be displayed for up close examination. These preserved artifacts illuminate the work and domestic life of Stonington settlers and the Native Americans of New England. Were the pilgrims really as “plain” as we have been taught? From a 2016 perspective, who had the healthier diet, the Native Americans or the English? Why are there so many apple orchards? Would Jerry Browne have known Dean of Dean’s Mill Rd.? For more than fifty years volunteer educators have carried dozens of artifacts into the local elementary schools. Students are encouraged to closely observe and physically handle the tactile objects, prompted to question and learn what life was like for indigenous people and pilgrims that lived here hundreds of years ago. These educational outreach programs envisioned and initiated by Emily Lynch in the 1960’s, have expanded to now include an elective course on local history at Stonington High School. Growing in popularity, over 100 high school students signed up for the course last year and the feedback from the students and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. Come, look, listen and touch our local history through the exploration of historic objects collected and preserved to stimulate inquiry, knowledge and truth about the lives of the peoples who traveled our roads and lived on this land centuries ago.