Flower Boxes

The Stonington Village Improvement Association, as the Village Improvement Society, was established specifically to beautify the Borough by planting trees and plants. This original purpose continues in the SVIA's summer Flower Box project, in which flower boxes are provided at cost to Borough shopkeepers in order to enhance the sidewalks outside their shops.

Trees and their welfare were among the original objectives of the SVIA in 1899. The SVIA was instrumental in replacing the trees destroyed by the devastating hurricane of 1938. Later, the care of old trees and planting of new ones in the Borough and in such public places such as Wadawanuck Square became one of the SVIA's chief responsibilities. This was changed somewhat when the Borough government began to appoint one of the Burgesses as "Tree Warden" but the SVIA is still involved in trees, as witnessed by their recent effort towards replacing diseased trees in LaGrua Park, along Denison Avenue. The SVIA's focus with regard to trees may have shifted over time, but healthy and attractive trees remain an important part of the SVIA mission.