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Borough Clean-Up Day

The first annual Borough Clean-up Day was held during Spring 2019 and involved 25-30 participants. Participants interested in rolling up their sleeves and providing some sweat equity to help beautify the community met at the point and walked throughout the Borough cleaning up any trash and debris along the way, concluding at Mathews Park.


Stops along the way included the point, Cannon Square, Wayland's Wharf, Borough Playground, Wadawanuck Square, and Mathews Park. Kids had opportunities along the way to locate a gold coin at each of the stops that they could use to redeem free gifts at Mathews Park.


Participants were rewarded with a wonderful free lunch provided by the SVIA at Mathews Park. It was a beautiful day, and well attended opportunity to clean up our beautiful community! Wonderful, wonderful first hand support from the community!

Watch this space for news about our 2022 Cleanup Day coming up in the fall.

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