Spending Policy

The Stonington Village Improvement Association (SVIA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that fulfills its mission with funds raised through its appeals. These funds are used to maintain and enhance four SVIA-owned properties, all of which are open to the public, and to provide other amenities in the Borough for public use and enjoyment. This enrichment includes recreational, cultural, and beautification projects as well as hosting of traditional annual events and administration of the Stonington Farmers’ Market. A reserve fund provides financial security for SVIA properties and projects in the event of unforeseen maintenance expenses.

The SVIA collaborates with the Stonington Borough and Stonington Town governments and with other non-profits on projects to achieve goals that fulfill SVIA’s mission. The SVIA is not a pass-through funding organization. It, therefore, does not give funds to other organizations for their capital campaigns or in pursuit of projects to fulfill their own mission goals.

If an organization is interested in a collaboration on a mutually mission-driven project, a letter with proposed project details may be submitted to the President of the SVIA. The proposal will be discussed and voted on at an SVIA Board meeting. 14 September 2020


Find the Stonington Village Improvement Association, Incorporated By-Laws here.

Audited Financial Statement

Find our 2019-2020 Audited Financial Statement here.

Financials 990

Please find our 2019 Form 990 here.