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Little Free Libraries


Take a book! Leave a book!

We have 4 little free libraries in the borough.



Our Little Free Libraries (LFLs) are for all to enjoy. You can take a book or leave a book anytime - they are open year-round, 24/7.  Our friends at the Stonington Free Library serve as stewards, keeping watch on the books to be sure there is always a good selection.  Our LFLs are chartered with the international LFL organization.

You can find ours on their world map and discover the fun of visiting LFLs as you travel near or far.

Two of our LFLs, on the East Lawn and at Mathews Park, were built by Stephen Beale's shop class at Stonington High School during 2016/2017 and they painted them the SHS colors!

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 4.42.40 PM.png

Borough Playground

Charter #73047

Northwest Street

(by the entrance gate)


East Lawn

Charter #56159

1 Water Street

(at Stonington Point)


Wimpfheimer Park

Charter #73093

Meadow Avenue

(behind the Velvet Mill)


Mathews Park

Charter #56160

Water Street

(across from Dodson Boatyard)

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