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The Borough Comfort Station


Over the past year, a dedicated group of local volunteers has been exploring the possibility of building a public Comfort Station in the Borough.


After reviewing available Borough-owned parcels, the most appropriate site was determined to be behind the Stonington Free Library (on the north side of Wadawanuck Square). A Sub-Committee appointed by the Borough Warden and Burgesses worked with a local architect to create a design that combines functionality, cost-effectiveness, and visual appeal. 

For more details about the project, please click here for FAQs.

The cost of this project is estimated to be a total of $400,000. Financing is being pursued through the State, the Borough, the Town of Stonington, and private donations. 

Due to its 501(c)(3) non-profit status, the SVIA was asked to be the administrator for private donations to the project. The goal was $50,000 from the community, and we are pleased to report that this goal has been achieved. Many thanks to all those who generously contributed to this much-needed project. For information on supporting this project, please email us at

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